My first cover shot – for Vida (Sept 2011 issue)

The cover shot

The story behind the shoot…
Sometimes you think that Murphy’s Law is indeed true, however when I see the result of this shoot I think that despite all the trials and tribulations, if there is a will there is a way.

This shoot started off badly – the owner of the bird park had forgotten about us. Thankfully his wife was at hand and was incredibly helpful. We were racing against time because we wanted to shoot around sunset, but that did not stop Sarah (the stylist) wanting to include six outfits.

Half way through the shoot my flash started working intermittently – triggering once every four or five shots.

And even though I am all up for new experiences, I usually do not like them happening when I’m racing against time. I never knew a lens could die on you, but mine (an 18-55mm kit lens) did. An hour into the shoot it just stopped focusing, thank the high heavens I had my trusty 85mm on me, however most of the areas we had earmarked required shorter focal lengths – back to the drawing board to choose new bits of the park.

All this while we’re trying to rush to get in all the outfits in the right kind of light. I pumped up the ISO, ditched the flash and here are the results.

(A couple of shots included in this set were taken with flash, those were the one offs where everything coincided perfectly – lens was still working, flash triggered, pose was fine :) )

P.S. These shots are completely unedited, so they might vary slightly from the ones seen on Vida.


Sadly this picture wasn't published

Shooting Ben – Vida July

I do not shoot for Vida too often, however on this occasion our regular photographer could not make it so I filled in for him.

On our way to the luxury apartment we were going to shoot the photos at, the owner gave us a call to tell us that one of the drains had burst and the place was flooded. He needed to get workmen in immediately so he had to cancel on us.

In a panic we re-convened in the complex’s car park and I offered my home, even though it is currently being re-decorated. The stylist and I had decided to go for a minimalistic look, loosely inspired by Hurts’ “Wonderful Life” video and since my place was being done up we had quite a few bare walls to use.
Thankfully I have a lot of natural light, and only had to fill in with flash in one of the shots. In the rest I shot using my 85mm f 1.8 with the camera mounted on a tripod.