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A list of people who are worth following on Google Plus

Starting out on a new social network is not easy but if you have some interesting people to follow you can quickly become addicted (just like I am).

I know there are a million lists of people to follow out there, however in my opinion most of them lack one thing – editing. This list will not be gigantic or completely comprehensive, but will focus on the two main interests that are well-served on Google+, photography and technology.

The aim is to list a few people who are definitely worth following. If you feel you (or anyone you like) should be here, just get in touch with me with a compelling reason. You can find my google+ profile here.



Trey Ratcliffe

+Trey Ratcliff – as close to a celebrity as you can get in photography on Google+

+Thomas Hawk – hard to describe, but suffice to say that he is a photographer with jaw-dropping pictures.

+Thomas Leuthard – A brilliant street photographer – also has two amazing ebooks

+Nicole S. Young – Very talented photographer who posts interesting content in addition to great photos.

+Robby Bowles – A very good (mostly landscape) photographer.

+Shavonne Wong – a young photographer with a great eye for a (mainly fashion) photo.

+Dave Beckerman – A photographer and photography teacher based in NYC.

+Mike Shaw – a very verbose photographer who posts beautiful shots.



Mike Elgan

+Mike Elgan – He describes himself as the world’s only lovable technology writer. I don’t know them all, so I can’t vouch for it, however he consistently comes up with interesting posts about anything technology related. Worth following even if not into IT.

+Tom Anderson – The founder of MySpace, now a retired millionaire in his thirties. Not a bad life. Writes interesting, thought-provoking content and is also dabbling in photography now. Caught the bug on Google+ methinks.

+Guy Kawasaki – Author and technology guru extraordinaire. Also a nice guy.

+Chris Messina – slightly geeky content, so only follow if you’re interested in IT.



Angel Leon

+Angel Leon – possibly my favourite Google plusser – he is a geek and a very good candid photographer. I love his posts and his photos. Definitely worth following, especially if you have any interest in life around Miami.

+Jim Connolly – a blogger with very useful advice about how to market yourself and your blog

+Sean Bonner – an entrepreneur, photographer, journalist … well if you look beyond the many titles you will find interesting posts and eye-catching photos which document life in and around LA.

+Jody Swaney – I don’t know how to describe Jody, however he posts stuff that nobody really talks about and usually spots stuff that you  might have otherwise ignored. I love his totally honest style of writing.

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