Sorry Plato, democracy sucks

When joining the company I work at I was interviewed. I was assessed for my competence and then hired based on my performance and experience. I signed a contract which states that for me to remain at the company I should, well, you guessed it: work. I should do things in a manner that is expected of me. I should consistently perform well. If I drop my standards or stop delivering I expect to be fired. I wouldn’t want it to be any other way, I’m being paid to deliver.

If I went to a car showroom and ordered a brand new car, I stipulate what I want from it and what I expect it to include. If, when the vehicle is delivered, it fails to meet my expectations, then I would, quite naturally refuse to pay for it.

What I can’t understand is why politics does not work in exactly the same way. Why do we go out and vote based on a set of promises when politicians are never held accountable for their actions? True, sometimes a politician loses a job, but that’s when they try to steal 60 million, not when they fail to deliver on an electoral promise.

At the moment I’m finding the whole pre-unannounced-elections advertising campaigns hilarious. Labour have hit the nail on the head with their billboards (the only local medium I follow is outdoor advertising – I don’t watch TV or listen to the radio and I don’t read local print media). They are consistently quick to the mark, have brilliant locations and are always witty. Very witty. Their rebuttals of PN’s adverts are always hilarious, and PN’s attempts have paled in comparison.

However it means absolutely nothing. If I wanted entertainment I’d head to tumblr and browse my stream. This election is not about an amusing billboard or ten, it’s about our country.

Labour might be much more amusing than the nationalists, however they’re still a set of pricks in suits who think they can smile their way to power. No sir, you won’t be conning this guy again. I want a sign of commitment.

Fuck your political promises.
Fuck your phoney smiles and €1000 suits.
Fuck your coffee mornings.
Fuck the people who vote for you because their family says so.
Fuck idiots idolising politicians.

I want measurable electoral promises. And then I want a contract. Sign a legally binding contract that you will be personally liable if you do not deliver on your promises and you will get my vote (if your promises make sense to me).

Fix the fucking roads, give us a university that works, get rid of all the bums who abuse the system, clean the place up and make it possible for us to make the country something we can be proud of.

We have let 60-odd dorks ru(i)n the country for long enough. Why should we look up to them? It is them who should be licking our feet for doing the real work. For providing the country with the manpower it needs to run. For being absolutely amazing at our jobs and consistently out-performing our international counterparts in so many fields that are not sexy enough for the idiots running our media to cover.

I’m sorry, Plato. Politics might have been a good idea in the time when people needed a brain to vote, however now it is just an easy way to mask corruption and to promote incompetence.

We can’t trust politicians because their word holds no value. This is the time for specifics. For things to be laid out in black on white. For politicians to be held accountable if they want to earn my vote.

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