Shot with a Canon EOS 50D (w/ 17-55 f2.8 IS USM lens)

  • Shot on Aperture priority
  • Focal Length: 55mm (35mm equivalent: 88mm)
  • Aperture: f2.8
  • Exposure: 1/2500s
  • ISO 100

I spotted this windmill in the middle of a field while on a day-trip to Gozo last week. I’m not a big fan of heavy editing to give pictures a retro look (I know I do it, but not too often). This one just begged for it – I felt that as it is it could have been a shot taken somewhere out in the Wild West in the US some time in the ’60s.

(#80 of 366 X 2012 project)

P.S. Yes – I know, I’m lagging behind in posting my daily updates. I have been incredibly busy lately, and have been finding it very hard to cope with everything. What’s keeping me going is the fact that I know that most of the daily material is being created – I’m just not finding the time to edit and post it.

I have an excel sheet with all the photos I’m meant to upload and articles I need to link to and it does not look as depressing as the state of this blog :(

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