Please Come Back Tomorrow

Shot with a Canon EOS 50D (w/ 17-55 f2.8 IS USM lens)

  • Shot on Aperture priority
  • Focal Length: 17mm (35mm equivalent: 27mm)
  • Aperture: f3.5
  • Exposure: 1/250s
  • ISO 160

Visited the Crafts Village in Ta Qali (Malta,) recently and took a few shots in the area. The place is usually bustling with activity most of the day because tourists flock to it to buy gold, glass-ware and filigree at rock-bottom prices. After 5pm, however, it becomes a ghost town.

It offers many photographic opportunities because the crafts-people all work from huts which are very derelict. There has been a renovation project in the pipe-line for over ten years but nothing has ever materialized. In the meantime no one spends money on making their place look ice just in case the renovation project suddenly becomes important once again.

One of these days I aim to re-visit when the shops are open. Shooting the artists at work would be another lovely opportunity.

The shot has no special techniques. I simply reduced its saturation (colour levels) significantly in post-processing to make the place seem even more desolate.

(#77 of 366 X 2012 project)

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