Bitterness, or how we need to learn how to build a bridge and get over it

If there is one human feeling I cannot understand, it is unwarranted bitterness, especially towards someone who has done no harm.

I was shocked at the way some people took the failure of Raspberry Pi to cope with the demand with such bitterness. This was not a personal insult, it was not something done to spite the world, it was not something that was done to cheat YOU.

Was I dying to get my hands on one? Yes

Did I want the honour of being one of the first ones to try it out? You bet!

What was my reaction at it being sold-out so quickly and at the servers crashing? Excitement. I was really happy for the people behind it for creating a product which has captured the imagination of the people. I was delighted that there is so much demand for it because it will ensure that in the long term we will have a vibrant community thriving around the project.

It is not as if they had taken deposits from everyone and then ran away with the money. They are not going to be charging exorbitant rates for their product, and the money made is going to be ploughed back into The Foundation.

I see the same thing every time a product or solution is delayed or some flaw is discovered in a device. Is it so hard to accept things as they come? Is it impossible to consider that we are all human and that there are certain issues we might not have forseen?

It is not often that I paraphrase a quote from the bible, but I would like to tell all the people who are angry at the Raspberry Pi creators: Whoever has never been sidewinded by an issue out of their control can throw the first stone.

So please, cut them some slack. You will get your hands on a Raspberry Pi eventually. It might not be today or tomorrow, but by the time you do there will be more people using it and you’ll find more help online.

As the ever-knowing Monty Python sung in The Life of Brian: Always look on the bright side of life!

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